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Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions

Purpose of the game: Try to find Mahjong stones with the same motifs as quickly as possible at Mahjong Dimensions and make them disappear.
Click on two pieces with the same motif. You can only choose stones that have at least two free sides and are not blocked on the left and right side by other stones.
You can use either the arrow keys or the left and right arrow keys to turn the puzzle.
Combine all of the stones in the puzzle to advance to the next level.
Speed ​​Match Combo : You activate a point multiplier if you connect to another connection within three seconds.
Multimatch Combo : You get bonus points if you match several connections of the same image type in a row.
Time Combo : You get bonus points when you beat each level and this is based on the remaining time.
If you can no longer find the identical stones or you are looking for a connection too long, you can mix the stones by clicking the Mix button.
But you can only use this help once per level. When the timer runs out, the game is over. You have 7 minutes and 30 seconds from the beginning.
Try to complete as many levels as you can before the time runs out.
Game Control:
You can control this game with the mouse.
Have fun with Mahjong Dimensions !!
Game recommendation:
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